A good life is about finding balance in all things.

Our Range of Movement or Freedom reduces over time unless we actively work to maintain it.

Balance is an active state of focus. Within the physical realm, it is constant micro-adjustments that bring us into equilibrium with our environment.

These micro-adjustments also strengthen and stabilise our joints and

Movement to
Mobilise, Strengthen & Heal


  • Balance is The Point!

Not only is balance something you can work on, it is precisely the thing that you should focus your effort on. In this course I will show you why!

  • Balance is something you Can learn & train.

So often I come across people who tell me that they have terrible balance. I am going to show you that this is something that you can learn and develop.

  • Freedom comes from within!

Unleash your inner strength and leave self-doubt behind

  • Confidence is being able to trust yourself!

Stop worrying and start moving freely with self-assurance

  • Age is just a number when it comes to mobility!

Rediscover your mobility regardless of age

  • Take control of your body on your terms!

Own your potential and master mobility step-by-step

What some of our students say!

Julia G.

I have been doing yoga for a number of years, all different styles (which I fall in and out of love with from time to time) mostly for flexibility and strength more than anything else but Jesse's classes I would have to say are my staple diet and an absolute must to stay healthy and strong. No matter how I feel before I start, I know I will always benefit from every class and not just for that day but for days afterwards. Each class is challenging and as someone who enjoys different types of exercise, I would have to say that this one is the only one I would never give up

Jack C.

Thank you for all you have done for me, Jesse. You really have transformed the way I think of myself as a physical being over these last three and a half years. (I really am fitter than at any time past.)

Shena G.

Jesse is fantastic at teaching especially finding different ways for your body and mind to understand. I attended his classes for two years and was so inspired I started having regular private classes with him which I’ve been doing for three years. I then went on to qualify as a Acro teacher but felt the things I’ve learnt from him equipped me to teach to a higher standard. He is also very funny and I really enjoy our weekly sessions.

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